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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We Will Be Going Live in 2015

Go Live Radio will be returning in 2015. We would like to thank everyone who has been sending new music to our emails. There are over 1000 unread emails in our mailbox. We are opening them as fast as we can. Again, we will be returning in 2015, stronger than ever. Until then, Go Live!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Black Jesus: What's the Big Deal People?It's just Entertainment

Do you remember the episode of "Good Times" when JJ painted the picture of Black Jesus that resembled Ned The Wino?Do you remember when Michael Evans replaced the White Jesus painting with the Black Jesus painting and the Evans family received all sorts of good luck soon after? Do you remember when Florida Evans was against the Black Jesus painting being hung in place of the White Jesus painting because the White Jesus painting was the only Jesus she ever knew? Well, this hatred towards Aaron McGruder's new show "Black Jesus" reminds me of Florida's bias attitude towards the Black Jesus painting her son painted for "artistic entertainment."
If you have not watched the show, then you should not have one negative opinion about it. 
First of all, I am bias on the whole "Jesus" subject matter, because I was raised in the Nation of Islam and religion is not the cornerstone of my life. Do not get me wrong. I do believe in God, but I'm not into that "jesus said this, jesus said that" lingo. But to be fair, I must say years later I discovered that the Nation of Islam was not a religion for me due to their ways of living(the whole marrying three women at one time thing wasn't cool in my eyes..lol). So consider me a man who knows right from wrong. 
I took the time to watch the Black Jesus episode on Cartoon Network and I was very entertained. 
Yes he portrayed Jesus.(and reminded us that he "died for our sins" so he should be allowed to hit the blunt longer than his friends could, even though Black Jesus never puts up money on a bag of Weed.....Funny..I'm sorry). To me, Black Jesus is based on the personality of Black Preachers in America(Just my opinion..okay..). I say that to say this. If you are a man of God who is living your life to spread the gospel, then why do I have to pay you for it? Does it cost to get to heaven? Is it possible for me to get 30% off on a prayer these days? 
Some people are just too religious.( Yeah I said it..) I don't know what a true christian really is, but I have an idea. To be a true christian, you cannot lie, steal or cheat. Most children of god do that proudly. To be a christian, you cannot encounter in sexual activity with any other christian unless you are married. Most children of god get their freak on. 
My point is, nobody is perfect. Who is to say that Jesus was? And if he was so perfect, why can't he be singled out in a comedy??? No one is safe or off limits when it comes to entertainment unless they were part of a tragedy. Real talk. 
I really do respect the Christian community efforts on banning the show from being aired, but I don't think Corporate America will agree with you.  The fact that it's a stereo-typical show about Jesus living in the hood, makes it  great t.v. At the end of the day, I strongly believe that Aaron McGruder will not go to hell for coming up with such a controversial television show. Mr. McGruder, along with Cartoon Network Execs are going to the bank with this one. Sorry to say. The Christian community have a right to boycott Black Jesus from ever being aired.......on their televisions. I know you guys mean well. Honestly I do.  Your actions remind me of a quote that the rapper Common said on one of his records: "if I don't like it, I don't like it, that don't mean that I'm hating." While the people on this side will say, "Rock on Black Jesus...Rock on!!!" #GoLive

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Wedding Of Kelly Cotman & Sharki Pulliam: For Mobile Devices. :)

Hey guys, I just posted the wedding of Kelly Cotman and Sharki Pulliam on Youtube minutes ago. Due to copyright laws of one of the songs used in the video, youtube has blocked the access of viewing the video. You can watch it directly through this site. Hopefully. :)
The song used played a major role in the wedding and I could not use any other. (What is right is Right!!)
Sorry for the inconvience, Kelly & Sharki. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Iggy Azalea Vs Nicki Minaj: There Is No Competition...Or is it???

 Well, If you do not have cable television or an active social media account, then you did not see the subliminal jabs that Ms. Nicki "Yung Muney til tha deaf ov me" Minaj(I spelled it exactly how she says it.lol)displayed as she accepted her award for Best Female Hip Hop at the B.E.T Awards 2014 last night.  
Even though, Ms. Minaj has won this particular award 5 times in a row,(damn,where is Bahamadia when you need her) still she felt the need to say this:

Now,before I give my opinion, I have to share some information that my homie Runny Ray shared with me today. I was told that 3 weeks ago(I'm sure that some of you bloggers know this information),Stephen Hill,Music Supervisor at B.E.T Networks, really wanted Iggy Azalea to perform at the 2014 B.E.T Awards and NOT Nicki Minaj. You see, Stephen is a "no brainer" type of Executive who feels that Iggy is on the come up in hip hop or "rap music" and deserves that good look on Black Entertainment Television. Not to mention, B.E.T is owned by Viacom and I'm sure that the powers that be were happy that a blond, white rapper with a great "behind" is getting some T.V love on their "urban network."(Stephen Hill has a job to keep and Debra Lee does as well) Those Powers that be would like to capitalize on that movement by any means necessary.(You know Iggy will be all on the next MTV Video Awards coming up)
So, the Young Money camp was not feeling the idea of Ms. Minaj not performing. They felt that because of this new look/movement that Nicki is concentrating on, performing at the B.E.T awards is the platform she needed(once again)to give her fans the "new" Nicki Minaj and to push her new project. If you listen to the entire acceptance speech, she apologizes to Stephen Hill about talking too long.  I think that was an apology to Stephen because he KNEW that shade was definitely being thrown at Iggy Azalea.

Now here is my opinion. Nicki is jealous of Iggy Azalea. Why? Because she,as an artist, knows that America will accept an artist like Iggy Azalea with open arms just because she is white. (Yeah, I said it.)  She might not be the emcee that we, as hip hop fans will run to itunes and download. She might not be the the emcee that we will want to hear over a Dj Premier or J-Dilla instrumental. BUT, Iggy Azalea is doing the exact same thing that Nicki Minaj is getting paid to do, which is make popular rap records and shake her big "behind" while performing. Rap music is so watered down that the masses accept Iggy Azalea.(Black and white)  If America gave Nicki Minaj a pass for 5 years, then they will give Iggy Azalea a V.I.P Pass.( No Shade, no no no no) 
Nicki just needs to concentrate on making good music and collecting them checks. Iggy is on her way. But let's be real Young Money Crew; don't expect MTV to be calling you guys to make an appearance on their awards show(especially after Lil Wayne breaks the microphone when Young Money won the Best Group Award). And being that Iggy Azalea does not write her own raps, who cares. The biggest acts in history did not write their own songs.(Google Beyonce, Mariah, Whitney, and TLC...) Nicki was hating on Iggy and you can hate me for being real about it. #GoLive

Monday, March 31, 2014

We From The R-T-shirts for Sale

(Red Shirt with white logo-Sample/All Colors are available) 
In 2014, our founder, Ahmed "RocDaddy" Rahman & his Black Wunda Films imprint will be producing the ground breaking documentary called "We From The R- A Hip Hop Story." "We From The R" is a documentary about the Richmond, Va (RVA) hip hop's scene from the 90's to the present. Roc is narrating the project where he takes you on a journey through the ups and downs of being an emcee and making classic hip hop. The documentary will include a lot of artists past & present who made a mark into Richmond Hip Hop History. In celebration of the upcoming documentary, Black Wunda Films & 419 Press Nation have put together quality/authentic #WeFromTheR tshirts for sale. The one of a kind T-shirts are only $15-$17 dollars for any color & any size. Just Click on "Buy Now Button" to make a purchase below.
 Thanks in advance and be on the look out for the "We From the R-A hip hop story" documentary dropping late 2014.


(if you wish to purchase more than just one T-shirt with a different color, send email to rocabye32@gmail.com so that we can send you invoice to special orders.)


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Video Of The Month: Erykah Badu: Flaming Lips(Uncut)

Hey, I am going to keep this short but sweet. I was just told about this new video by Erykah Badu titled "Flaming Lips"..it appears that Erykah is completely nude in the video. When I say nude, I mean you see everything including the "Kitty Kat" clear as day. I must say, it's a thing of beauty. Rumor has it that Ms.Badu claims that this is her sister's body and not her. Either way, I love it.. Now I understand why Common & 3Stacks was appearing to have lost their minds during their relationship with Ms. Badu. She had them dudes gone!!! enjoy..

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Grammys Gots No Love for Real Hip Hop:That Aint Nothing New

Did any of you hip hop fans watch the Grammys Sunday night? Well, let me say that I did not actually watch the Grammys live, but I did record it on my DVR. So after I worked the night shift, I came home Monday morning and watched the show people call "The biggest night for music." I did not expect a MTV,B.E.T type of award show.(We are talking about the Grammys). What I did expect is a white rapper winning best rap album or best rap song(whatever they call it these days..lol). It never fails when you are dealing with the Grammys. I have posted on many social media websites on how the Grammys play as the "majority" of  music listeners who vote on what they consider the best in all genres of music of  that year. There are not too many people who are familiar with Kendrick Lamar's talent or music. To say it's not fair that Kendrick did not win Best Rap Album could be argued. But lets not blame Macklemore who went out on a limb in his post-Grammy-accepting interview and clearly said that Kendrick had the best Rap Album of 2013.
But it's not that simple Macklemore, and you know this. lol
To me, I think the Grammys will always pick an artist in Rap that does not appear to be too aggressive to the other artists of rock, pop, country, jazz etc. There were more white rappers in the game before Macklemore actually took off(google Yelawolf,Machine Gun Kelly,Iggy Azalea..etc). You see that none of those guys were nominated.(I wonder why?hmmmm)
I read a post by the homie Emcee Logic who gave his insight on the whole "so-called" conspiracy.
I want to share it with you guys. Logic wrote:
Alright. Here's my take on Maclemore and the grammys....its a lengthy ramble. Brace yourselves...
I love hiphop...like, real hiphop. Not just a few rappers that got lyrics, but the culture, the history, the pioneers, the Zulu nation era, the evolution, the de evolution, the geniuses, the idiots, the DJs, writers, breakers emcees. the converasation, the story tellers, The peace love unity and having fun foundational, culturaly rich, invented by the poverish 4 elements plus 5... KRS added true HIPHOP. Everyone is welcome. Even if you're terrible. Somewhere, somebody will love you if you're consistent enough...if even for just a moment, someone will.

So I say that to say, I never cared about the Grammys...it has nothing to do with what I do, or with hiphop culture. The same ppl who issue these awards are the same people who don't and never have understood us. So why would you expect them to understand our culture just because they decide to give an award out?

Look, Maclemore isn't a "bad" rapper. I just don't listen to his music. Nothing he raps about appeals to me, my surroundings, my upbringing and what concerns myself or my people.. but that's ok. His lane is different. There's a whole lot of suburban white kids, and all kinds of other people who love him and are inspired by him.and I think that's great. Is his music hiphop music? Ehh, sure.let's be fair, He's a dude rapping about his struggle concerns and concepts respectively so. So let him live. We should know by now the Grammys been on some bullshit. Nas been selling records for 20 years and never won a single one of them. Point and case. Like I said, the people giving out these awards are not part of hiphop culture, are not contributors and they do not identify with us. So 9 times out of 10, you'll be met with disappointment if expecting anything more..

Should Kendrick have won it? Sure. His album was excellent, hes a platinum selling artist, and his work ethic and inflewence has been phenomenal since it was released. But hey, all the greats get robbed right? I'm exited to see how this incident will translate lyricly for him. More fuel for the fire I think.

So quit crying Hiphop! The Grammy never gave a F&%k about us and won't start now. Stop looking to the weirdo awards to hand you a statue. Were hiphopers. Stop acting like bishes. Cut the sensationalism out. Who.cares if the guy won over your favorite rapper...go smoke some weed and listen to MF Doom records...you'll get over it.

With love,

-Emcee Logic

Please excuse my typos...

Well Said homie #GoLive
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